Past and present Presidents, Directors and Secretaries of the LRMA Around 150 guests at the LRMA celebration of 40 years of incorporation had an excellent night at Amigo’s Castle last Saturday night 5 April 2014. The LRMA Director’s and office staff did an amazing job creating a fantastic atmosphere with lights, candles and balloons.

Every guest received a commemorative place mat featuring photos of magnificent black opal generously supplied by Robert Smith and a history booklet listing all the Presidents, Directors and Secretaries over the past 40 years. The weather was beautiful after a tense day watching the storm clouds wander across the sky to disappear late afternoon.

The atmosphere was enhanced with an art gallery opening in part of the castle. We were honoured to have a previous Minister for Mineral Resources, Bob Martin and his wife Margaret attend along with our legal advisor Lindsay Moore and his wife Louise.

Our President Sebastian Deisenberger, Bob Martin and Jerry Lomax all spoke wonderfully and the speeches was emceed by Secretary Maxine O’Brien. The food supplied by Bruno’s was delicious and the tunes by Peter & Rosie Tunin were smooth.

As always with an event like this there are many people to thank as they all contributed to the success of the evening. First and foremost is Amigo who generously allowed us to hold our event in his magnificent folly.

The Central School hospitality students who did a fantastic job serving the guests; the Bowling Club who lent us trestle tables, crockery, cutlery and glasses; the Race Club who lent us their chairs; CWA who lent us tables; Outback Opal Tours who lent us their bus; Roman Sisa our talented photographer; Mick Canfell who loaned us a skip; the SES who lent us their generator for the band; Greg Johnson who allowed us to connect for the lighting; Nerieda and Maxine Rolstone and Penny Fahey who helped set up; Keith Hackett, Eleanor Beaumont and Jessie who were amazing plating up and directing traffic.

Most importantly a huge thank you to Richard Boehm and Tim Molyneux who ran a wonderful bar and to Eddie Webb for delivering the revellers safely home. This long list of contributors demonstrates what a community can do when it gets together as Lightning Ridge does so often and so well.

Last but not least thank you to LRMA Office Manager, Kavitha James for an enormous amount of work and sleepless nights putting together the seating plan and all the bits and bobs.

Go to our Facebook page  for more photos and click on the image of past and present Presidents, Directors and Secretaries to see who is who and when they were on the LRMA Board.  


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