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Saturday 8 March 2014

LRMA members are encouraged to bring along their unwanted mining equipment to include in the auction.

10.00am: LRMA Tank 5, Coocoran - auction of agitator with conveyor
11.30am: LRMA Tank 3, town tanks - auction of puddler, old agitator and 10yd agitator & Ford Louis truck (one lot, with a reserve)
12.30pm: LRMA office - auction of 1984 RAB drill with Leyland truck and V8 Perkins (in current condition with a reserve), hoist, lighting plant, grinder, cutting equipment, generators, picks & shovels and much, much more.
  • LRMA lots must be paid for and removed on the day (other than the agitator)
  • Members who wish to auction items will be responsible for the own payment arrangements and reserve amount.
  • The LRMA takes no responsibility for the condition of goods, payment of goods, ownership of goods offered for auction.
  • The equipment and goods being offered for sale by the LRMA are to recover unpaid fees for processing sites and a storage unit.


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