Wow - over 800 people attended the public meeting arranged by the LRMA and GGSMA* last Saturday 16 February 2013. The support for the opal industry and town of Lightning Ridge was overwhelming. LRMA President Sebastian Deisenberger explained the key issues – proposal to impose a time limit on opal mining; compensation arrangements between miners and graziers; abolishment of infrastructure levies; and increased regulatory costs.

Key community figures, GGSMA President Pat Fletcher, Councillor David Lane, Tourist Association Director Justine Buckley and black opal wholesaler Jeremy Lomax lent their support.

The Lightning Ridge community agreed to make their voice heard and will write to the NSW Premier, write to the media, put up a supporting sticker in their business window and sign an on-line petition.

Lightning Ridge Miners Association Town Meeting 16/02/2013Our goal is to get the government to re-engage with all parties and to actively participate to resolve these issue outlined above.

The on-line petition has gone around the world and already has over 1,000 signatures. Simply click here to sign it and send it around to all your family and friends.

You can also go directly to change.org and find us there. The more noise we make, the more chance we have of the government listening to us!


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