A public meeting is being held at the Bowling Club this Saturday at 2.00pm to discuss the future of our town. This is the one meeting every person must attend and bring their whole family to. The opal mining industry is imminently close to collapse due to government policy and inaction and pressure from a handful of western lands leaseholders. Your future is tied to the future of Lightning Ridge which is tied to the future of opal mining and your future is in serious jeopardy.

Lightning Ridge was built on the opal mining industry. The facilities you enjoy today such as the hospital, school, and sporting complexes were all built on the back of a strong opal industry along with all the tourist venues, opal shops and numerous businesses.

The future of our town also relies on a strong opal industry. Without a secure supply of black opal over a thousand miners are out of work, the local opal retail stores and tourist attractions will not be in business and every other business in town will suffer. Ultimately all the services we take for granted will be drastically reduced. Economic welfare is only one aspect.

People’s lifestyle and community will also be radically impacted by the demise of the opal industry. We need to make a huge impact on Saturday to ensure government takes notice of the importance of the black opal industry to our town, region, state and country.

See you this Saturday at the Bowling Club at 2.00pm.


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