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Discovery Channel’s Outback Opal Hunters – Kelly Tishler and Al Hobden.


image001Outback Opal Hunters premiers on the Discovery Channel at 8.30pm this coming Thursday 8, February 2018. Tune in to watch LRMA Director Kelly Tishler, LRMA members, Mick and Peter Cooke and Al Hobden along with opal miner colleagues from Coober Pedy and Opalton.

Kelly Tishler will also be appearing on Studio 10, on Channel 10 at around 9.20am on Thursday morning 8 February 2018 to promote Outback Opal Hunters and black opal.

Outback Opal Hunters has been picked up by many countries around the world and will have an audience approaching one billion when the program is fully rolled out. It will air in Australia, New Zealand, Germany France and the UK this month. It will air in the rest of Europe in a couple of months and in North America by the end of 2018. In around May 2018 Outback Opal Hunters will appear on the free to air channel 7 Mate.

Outback Opal Hunters will raise the profile of Australian opal which in turn should have a positive impact on the Australian opal industry. The production company, Prospero Productions were meticulous in ensuring they have their facts correct and the photography looks fantastic.


The LRMA has a new website up and running – so log on and have a look. The LRMA website has a section just for members and members will need to register online and wait for approval from the LRMA to gain access. 

There are a number of forums on the website some open to the public and some for LRMA members only.

Mines Watch is a members’ only forum where members can discuss the various ratting activities around the fields and give other miners the heads up as to the areas where the ratters are active. 

Members will need to be careful not to defame anyone or post anything slanderous.

There is also a members’ only forum for feedback. Participants in the Members only forums will be able to create their own private discussion groups.

One of the forums open to the public is a mechanical help page where miners can post questions and create discussion on the best techniques to repair their mining equipment. Another public forum will enable miners to list their equipment and claims for sale.


The LRMA has re-printed the article titled “The unique attributes of Australian precious opal” by Anthony Smallwood. First printed in 2014, the 24 page article explains the gemmological
differences between Australian opal and other world deposits. This article flowed on from a presentation in Tucson and is designed to give some confidence to gem laboratories to encourage them to undertake their own tests so they can include a country of origin on their certificates. To date this initiative has been successful with European gem laboratories.

It is a very interesting read, a great gift or giveaway and is available for sale at the LRMA office. $12 per copy or $10 for 25 units or more.


The Division of Resources & Geoscience has advised that as of the 1 st February 2018 there are a number of fees that will no longer apply. 

No fee will apply for an application for permit to enter land; registration of change of name on devolution of mineral claim; application for suspension of conditions of mineral claim;

registration of change of name of holder of mineral claim (other than on transfer of mineral claim); and registration of legal or equitable interest.


The next free environmental course will be held at 9.30am on Wednesday 21 February 2018 at the Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club.

Applicants must fill out an application and attach a copy of their ID if they wish to enrol.


The following have applied for membership of the LRMA. If any member has an objection to any of these membership applications please contact the LRMA office and your objection will be
treated with the strictest of confidence.

  • Adam Hughes Lees Proposer: John McFadden Seconder: Kavitha Barron
  • Ken McGregor Proposer: Ormond Molyneux Seconder: Gavin Thomson

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