Crown Lands are holding community information sessions next Monday 20 March 2017 at the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club. Anyone interested has a choice of attending either the 4pm – 5.30pm session or the 7pm-8pm session.

The purpose of the information sessions is the find out about the Voluntary Surrender Scheme project and what it means for the Lightning Ridge and Surrounding Opal Fields Management Reserve; who will be responsible for looking after the Reserve; and what the plans are for the ongoing management of the Reserve.


The LRMA hosted a visit from a small group of people from the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State of Querétaro, México, and their consultants from an organisation called Competitiveness earlier this week. They were a great group and the LRMA learned just as much from them as they did from us.

They were very interested to learn all they could in regards to how our opal mining industry worked so they can see what they may adapt to regenerate the opal industry in Querétaro. They visited two mines, one using a digger and blower and the other using a super digger, bogger and bucket.

There were many parallels between opal mining here in Australia and in Mexico. The opal miners in the state of Querétaro tend to be one and two man teams and third generation opal miners. Their mining methods are similar to that in Lightning Ridge 50 years ago. They use explosives to blast the rock, dig it out by hand using picks and wheelbarrows and then crack the rocks by hand looking for opal. 

The Mexican visitors will keep in touch and the LRMA will assist where we can in the future.

Untitled 2(L-R) Back: Sebastian Deisenberger, President LRMA; Mauricio, Secretariat of Sustainable Development; José Mansueto, Competitiveness, Jorge Coss, Competitiveness and Anthony Melonas. (L-R Front): Alvaro Bustamante, Competitiveness; Antonio Cabrera, Undersecretary of Economic Development of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development; and Maxine O’Brien, Manager LRMA.


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