The 44th LRMA AGM will be held upstairs in the legends room of the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club starting at 11am this coming Saturday 18 November 2017.

The following have nominated unopposed for positions on the LRMA Board for the coming 12 months: -


Sebastian Deisenberger   Proposer: Fred Mallouk   Seconder: Shannon Barrett


Shannon Barrett    Proposer: Michael Cooke    Seconder: Michael Matson

Matthew Harrison    Proposer: Vlad Vinkovic    Seconder: Cameron Delahunty

Frederic Mallouk    Proposer: Andrew Sisa    Seconder: Bruce Hallett

Garth Middleton    Proposer: Vlad Vinkovic    Seconder: Anita Nelson

Ormond Molyneux    Proposer: Luke Davis    Seconder: Tim Molyneux

Jason Stone    Proposer: Naomi Stone    Seconder: Jackie Paul

Kelly Tishler    Proposer: Darryl Mills    Seconder: Paul Tishler

We hope to see as many members as possible attend. Come along and hear what has been happening over the past 12 months and have an input.


The LRMA family Xmas party will start at 1pm this Saturday 18 November 2017. It will be held at the Funeral Advisory shed behind the LRMA office.

It will be a great day with the usual fun and games and the weather will be cool for a pleasant change. All members and their family are welcome. BBQ lunch and drinks supplied.

We suggest you park at the LRMA office and walk around the back to the shed. Or if you plan on drinking do not bring a car at all! We also suggest you bring your own chair.

Please bring a gift under $20 for each child for Santa Claus to distribute.


The Minister for Resources, Don Harwin, MLC has advised 42 communal mullock dumps will be exempt from the requirement to be on title for a period of two years. The LRMA believes this exemption covers all current communal mullock dumps.

The Division of Resources & Geoscience received 281 industry submissions and 120 telephone enquiries. Thank you very much to all our members who took the time to complete the form and nominate all the communal waste dumps as being necessary for the industry to dump and win back mullock for rehabilitation.

The exemption will expire on 15 November 2019 and in the meantime the Division of Resources & Geoscience will be consulting the LRMA to develop potential long-term frameworks. The industry has a temporary reprieve and the LRMA will continue to lobby for a practical outcome.


Your LRMA membership for the 2017/2018 financial year is now well and truly overdue. If you have not already done so please renew as soon as possible.

The following have applied for membership of the LRMA.  If any member has an objection to any of these membership applications please contact the LRMA office and your objection will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Anthony Turk    Proposer: Tony O’Rourke    Seconder: Maxine O’Brien

Colin Russ    Proposer: Martin Ritter    Seconder: Kevin Cutting

Donna Mountstephen    Proposer: Jason Stone    Seconder: Naomi Stone

Greg Tyne    Proposer: Jason Stone    Seconder: Naomi Stone

Scott Haverhoek    Proposer: Jasna Bedenikovic    Seconder: Shannon Barrett

Nicola Haverhoek    Proposer: Jasna Bedenikovic    Seconder: Shannon Barrett

Desiree Pelchen    Proposer: Peter Pelchen    Seconder: Laurie Cree

Jarrad Giles    Proposer: John McFadden    Seconder: Patricia Duncan

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