Becoming a member of the Lightning Ridge Miners' Association Ltd is easy!

Simply complete a membership form and attach some form of photo identification.

Two financial members must propose and second you to vouch for your good character.

Lodge your membership form with the LRMA office along with a $5.50 joining fee.

Annual fees are $77 per annum or $38.50 for aged pensioners.

It is often more convenient to pay both your joining fee and membership fee at the time when you lodge your application; membership runs with the financial year however any member who joins in May or June in a year receives those two months for free.

Once the LRMA has received your application form it remains on the Notice Board for a minimum of 14 days after which it is presented to the following Board of Director's meeting for their decision.

If accepted the LRMA will mail your membership card.

Members must be individuals. Companies are not eligible.

Besides supporting your industry association and taking part in the future of the opal mining industry a major benefit of membership is the opportunity to join our security bond scheme.

Members can lodge a security deposit with the LRMA rather than the Division of Resources & Energy at a much reduced cost.

The LRMA has lodged a bulk security deposit with the Division of Resources & Energy and guarantee's the rehabilitation performance of its members.

Members must lodge a minimum of $500 with the LRMA which will cover them for two ordinary mineral claims. Opal Prospecting Licenses and 2ha prospecting claims are $350 each. Your LRMA security bond rolls over from one title to the next.

Members can simply lodge their bond and register and cancel titles with the same bond. Members can also cover their nominees under their bond scheme. We do not cover any residential titles or a mineral claim over the top of a western lands lease or open cut titles.

Since the inception of this scheme in 2008 the LRMA has not been required to rehabilitate one title.

Click on the link below or contact the LRMA office for a membership form.

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